10 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing Website Development Services

Are you thinking about hiring a company for website development? Whether you need hosting services or SEO services, these 10 questions can help you make a better decision.

  1. What can you do for my business?

A rather obvious question, but nonetheless one you should ask. As your marketing plan evolves and your company’s needs expand, you need a company that grows with you. Do they offer hosting services? What about SEO services? Do they do complete website development? Be sure to ask so you can make an informed decision.

  1. Do you have any case studies you can show me?

References are important. The company you hire should have experience in the services you need. Ask for case studies that prove they’re worth their salt.

  1. What is your approach to website development?

No two companies handle their services the same. If you need comprehensive website development, be sure to ask about their strategy to see if it matches your needs.

  1. Are you local?

Believe it or not location matters. Local companies are much more accessible than overseas companies. Connect via phone if possible to confirm their location.

  1. Will you analyze my current website before suggesting a strategy?

Any professional website development company knows that the past can dictate the future. Analyzing your current website gives them a chance to see where there are holes in your current strategy and how to approach development.

  1. What type of hosting services do you offer?

Website development is just one part of the process. You need a company that offers verified hosting services to maintain your site.

  1. Can I get in touch with who will actually be working on my site?

You should have direct access to the people who are working on your site. Anything less is fishy at best.

  1. How do you handle revisions?

If you don’t like what you’ve paid for you need to know how the company handles revision requests. If they’re hesitant to help you might want to look elsewhere for help. Our website solutions come with a “Yes” guarantee, so you always get a result you like.

  1. When can I expect the job to be completed?

Depending on your timeline, you might need a quick yet professional outcome. Be sure to ask about delivery deadlines up front to avoid disappointment and missed launching benchmarks.

  1. What will this cost?

Obviously, pricing is a factor. Of course, more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Shop around and get a few quotes before you make a decision on your website solutions provider.

If you’re ready to move forward with your project, we’d love for you to ask us these questions. We’re dedicated to making your life easier, so connect with us today for more information about how we can help you.

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